Life Insurance

Protect the things you love, including your home and family.

Protecting your family with life insurance is a smart choice, and now it’s a simple one too. We are offering a digital and affordable way to get a choice of protection solutions that can cover your family’s mortgage, groceries, bills, and more.

Top three reasons to buy life insurance:

  • Paying off a mortgage – A mortgage is often the biggest single line item in a person’s budget. Could your family afford your home’s mortgage without your paycheck in the picture?
  • Income Replacement – Your loved ones depend on your income to meet daily needs for food, medical care, utilities, car payments, and much more. Life insurance can prevent putting their standard of living in jeopardy when you pass.
  • Final Expenses – Expenses related to someone’s passing.

HomeServices Insurance can help find the right term life insurance for you.

With term life insurance, you can protect what matters most in your life without paying more than you need to.  You select the coverage amount and time span the policy covers.  Whether you want coverage until the kids are out of school or the mortgage is paid off, term life insurance enables you to plan ahead and protect your finances against unexpected events.

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